How to convert semi-finished injections into 10 ml vials

Because our semi-finished oils is not sterile, so when you received it, you need to filter it first.

For small quanitity such as 100~500ml, you could buy some Sterile Syringe Filters to do the filtering process.

For large quantity over than 1L, suggest you buy a Vacuum Filter machine, it will save you a lot of time.

After the filtering, now you need to put the sterile oils in to 10ml sterile vials. For small quantity, you could use a syringe with scale, but for large quantity, you’d better to buy a liquid filling machine.

After put the oils into 10ml vials, now you need to seal-capping the vials. For small quantity, you could use a Flip Off Cap Crimper.

For large quantity, you could use desktop 20mm flip off cap crimper

After the seal-capping, now you need to stick the lables to the vials, you could use a labeling machine.

Now you have got your 10ml finished steroids with your own labels.