Buy 98%+ Purity 11-OXO Adrenosterone Powder Online

Buy 98%+ Purity 11-OXO Adrenosterone Powder Online

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11-OXO Powder Description:

11-OXO is a prohormone and it’s conversion hormone is known as 11-ketotestosterone , which is quite an interesting hormone, being a mild androgen in humans and a sex steroid in fish. 11-oxo is a non-aromatizing analogue of Testosterone, which causes dry lean gains and fat loss, along with an increased sexual desire.


How does 11 OXO work?

11 OXO works in two ways. First, it is a prohormone to 11-ketotesterone which is a non-aromatizing analog of testosterone. It shares many of testosterone’s benefits such as increased libido and increased muscle mass.

11 OXO also works by selectively inhibiting the function of the 11beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type1 reductase (11HSD1R), an enzyme responsible for converting cortisone to cortisol in target tissues such as fat, liver, and muscle. 11 OXO simply occupies the enzyme, preventing cortisone from accessing it. This is known as competitive inhibition. If cortisone cannot access 11HSD1R then it won’t have the opportunity to be converted to cortisol at the target tissue. The nice thing about 11 OXO is that it selectively acts on the 11HSD1R enzyme. Thus, 11 OXO offers a method of controlling the negative actions of cortisol on the body without blocking cortisol’s vital functions necessary for life.


11 OXO Half Life:

11 OXO’s pharmacokinetic profile should be similar to non-methyl prohormones. Peak blood levels should be attained in about an hour after ingestion. Then it should start to decline returning to baseline after 4 to 5 hours.


11 OXO Side Effect:

Potential side effects with 11 OXO are the same as with all prohormone products. Most common would be acne, acceleration of male pattern baldness (if genetically susceptible), and increased or decreased sex drive. Also, increased appetite has been reported.




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