Product name:Methoxydienone Powder
Other name:13-beta-ethyl-3-methoxygona-2,5(10)-dien-17-one
CAS register number:2322-77-2
Molecular formula:C20H28O2
Molecular weight:300.44
Assay:90% min
Usage:18-levonorgestrel, Gestrinone intermediates
Character:White crystalline powder. Melting point 150-160 °C
Package:1kg net/foil bag or 10kg net/tin
Stability:2-3 Years
Delivery:EMS, DHL, FedEx,TNT
Payment:Western Union,Bank transfer and Bitcoin
Storage:Shading, Confined preservation, Storage conditions 0-6 ºC
Apllication:Steroid, as a male hormone and anabolic hormones, use for bodybuilding muscle supplements
Drug Class:Anabolic Androgenic Steroid

Methoxydienone Powder Description

Methoxydienone aka Max-LMG: Max LMG is progestin designed to give solid gains . The progestational activity of methoxygonadiene (once it is converted to its active metabolites) is considered to be slightly stronger than nandrolone. This means muscle building with Max LMG in your cycle gives you higher quality hardening effects. Since it acts as anti-progesterone, there are decreased negative effects of extra estrogen and increased libido.

Methoxydienone particular to a process of synthesis of levonorgestrel,Levonorgestrel is a quick, short-term oral contraceptives, contraceptive mechanism is significantly inhibit ovulation and prevent embryo implantation, and to increase the consistency of the cervical mucus, sperm penetration resistance increases, and thus play a fast-acting contraception.

Methoxydienone Powder Application

It is used for promoting the synthesis of protein and reduce the decomposition of amino acid, and for improving muscle hyperplasia, action and enhance male sexual characteristics.Methoxydienone is often used in the medical practice activities chronic wasting disease.

Methoxydienone Powder Dosage

Cycle Layout (6 Weeks)
Week 1: 75mg / per day
Week 2-6: 100mg / per day

Methoxydienone Powder Benefits

– Bulk Size
– Harder Muscle Dry Gains
– Gains in Strength
– Perfect for Stacking
– Non Methylated hepatic toxicity
– Recover Fster