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Tablet Machine

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Brand New Automatic 750W Single Punch  Tablet Press Machine TDP-5

TDP-5 single punch tablet press is expected to compact granulated and powdered ingredients into tablet, which is polularly applied to trial production and small-batch production in pharmaceutical factory, chemical plant, food factory, hospital, research and development institution, and laboratory.

This model is characterized by excellent performance, high applicability, convenient application, undemanding maintenance, small volume, light weight and hand-operated function in power-off. Only in this way can a pair of dies be filled in the machine in which the depth of ingredients filled and the thickness of tablet are adjustable. It is suitable for compacting Chinese and Western tablets in pharmaceutical industry and pressing a variety of similar products in other industries, and customers welcome it deeply.

This great little machine is designed for pressing tablets from various granular materials for use in pharmaceuticals,various chemicals,food products and a host of other uses. Typically it can be found in hospitals,science research institutions and is used for trial manufacturing in labs to produce small to medium production amounts of different kinds of tablets. Almost 5000 tablets per hour can be achieved.

This machine is designed for pressing round tablets from various granular materials, which is used for pharmaceutical,chemical,food, hospital,science research institution is applicable to trial manufacturing in lab or produce in small amount different kinds of tablet, sugar piece, calcium tablet and tablet of abnormal shape.


1. Make powder and granular material compressed into a circular shaped tablet
2. Up to 5000 tablets per hour can be achieved,using a maximum presser of 50KN
3. A powerful electric motor and can also be hand operated
4. Excellent performance,strong adaptability,Convenient Operation.
5. High precision of filling, lower consumption of materials

Technical Parameters of tablet press machine:

Max. Pressure:50kn
Max. Dia. of Tablet:18mm
Max. Depth of Fill:15mm
Dia. of up and down punch pole:Φ10mm
Production Capacity: 5000pcs/h
Main Motor Power:0.55kw
Overall Size (L*W*H):660mm×440mm×700mm


How to use tablets machine to produce tablets and pills



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