Pharmaceutical name: Trenbolone Base 100mg/ml
Presentation:10ml vial, 100mg/ml
Half life :3 hours
Adult dose (Male) :50-200mg intramuscular injection
Adult dose (Female): 25-50mg intramuscular injection
Average Cycle Length: Indefinite and ongoing since most users will take Chaos as a pre workout shot before each training session
Bioavailability: Estimated at 100%
CAS Name: 17-Hydroxyestra-4,9,11-trien-3-one
Synonyms: Tren base, Tren suspension, Trenbolone

Tren Base will manufacture all common steroid aspect effects. it is also necessary to notice that a lot of users report uncontrollable night sweats whereas exploitation this substance. to assist combat this downside, it ‘s counseled that users attempt to keep blood levels and stable as attainable, and keep in a very cheap indefinite quantity vary though this steroid cannot convert to steroid hormone, some users do expertise issues with progestogen connected aspect effects.

Tren Base may be utilized in each cutting and bulking cycles. Those wanting to bulk may add associate injectable style of androgenic hormone in conjunction with associate oral like Dianabol. The notable Trenbolone / androgenic hormone / Winstrol stack continues to be considered one in all the simplest cutting/ pre-contest combos that there has ever been. This cycle, in conjunction with correct diet and cardio, is bound to originate results that square measure extraordinarily dramatic.